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Qualitative Research

With our professional team of interviewers who can conduct in-depth interviews and focus group discussions, we help you by providing valuable insights into your products and services, your market and your customers’ opinions and motivations.


Our team of interviewers are experienced in analyzing detailed opinions, belief, and attitudes from every single respondent for carefully chosen qualitative interview questions.


By providing a relaxed and comfortable setting, along with a friendly interviewer, we know what it takes to help the respondents to open about a particular topic.

Quantitative Research

We focus on the technique to efficiently ask questions to the target audience in an organized manner to make well-thought decisions for improving products and services.


We excel at this.


AfroEye Research helps you find the exact audience you need. Our panel is tailored to support the specific requirements of your unique project.


Building relationships with our panel members is our main priority. We do this by recruiting and promoting it within social communities and make them know what is important to them. By doing this, we know where they like to complete our surveys and when.


AfroEye will reach and engage the hard hard-to-find audiences.

Our Special Panels

  • Tech savvy Baby boomers
  • Business Travellers
  • IT decision makers
  • Affluent High net worth
  • Pet owners
  • Gen Z
  • Mothers of babies aged (0-7)
  • Automotive Owners/Decision makers
  • Gamers
  • Smokers


With CAPI, the interviewer introduces the answer on a tablet with an image software installed. It is an application with a user-friendly interface that permits running audio/video during the interview.


We conduct this using our highly trained interviewers that follows a script provided by a special software application.