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Terms and Conditions

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1. Account Registration

How do I register?

  • Our registration is extremely easy and fast.
  • Once you in put your details, accept the terms and
    conditions after which you click on sign up to
    submit your details.

How do I verify my Account?

  • You will receive an email immediately after clicking
    sign up. This email notifies you that you are now a
    registered member.
  • All you need to do is to click on the link provided
    within the mail. This is an account verification
    process that validates your details and proves you
    are the sole owner of your account.
  • Sometimes this email ends up in the spam /
    unknown folder of your email programme so
    always check.
  • Remember you can only use your account if
  • A onetime password is provided for you within this
    same mail. Use the password and your email to log
    in to your account and get started. Remember to
    change your password aer the first log in.
  • You will be awarded points for every survey you
    complete successfully. The amount of points
    awarded can vary among surveys. We will always
    tell you how much you will get, before you take part
    in the surveys.

Can I have multiple accounts?

  • No, this against our terms and conditions, in the event
    that a user has multiple accounts, both will be deleted
    from our database.

2. Incentivization

How are Points Awarded?

  • Points are awarded for only a complete survey and
    after we run data verification to check the quality of
    responses provided.
  • Please note that this might take time and
    sometimes we must wait until the whole survey is
    closed to facilitate this.
  • We encourage that the responses provided are
    honest and open to avoid denial of points as a
    result of bad data.
  • The amount of points awarded can vary among
    surveys. We will always tell you how much you will
    get, before you take part in the surveys.
  • Participation is always voluntary and consensual.

Points are not awarded for the below

  • Screen outs- Surveys have a respondent
    qualification criterion of which is normally
    determined by the first few questions you respond
    to. If you are disqualified at this stage, you will not
    be awarded. We however will try as much as
    possible to send to you surveys that we feel you
    qualify for to avoid these cases.
  • Straight lining- When your responses are
    predictable to a point that we can tell you are not
    reading the questions properly; you will not be
    awarded even if you get to the end of the survey.
    Your interview will be terminated and you will be
    informed as this undermines data quality. In the
    long run if this is repeated, you will be expelled
    from our panel for good.
  • Speeding- Points are not awarded for respondents
    who speed through a survey. We encourage you to
    take your time and read through the questions to
    get a proper understanding so as to provide the
    required responses. Like straight-lining, the
    interview is deleted even if you get to the end and
    you will receive a warning. If this persists you are
    expelled from the panel as well.
  • Double participation- You can only participate once
    in a survey, attempts to participate multiple times
    will lead to an automatic disqualification.
  • Redundant answers- Points will not be award for
    what will be considered redundant responses for
    open ended questions

How do I Redeem my points?

  • The minimum redeemable points are 100. You can
    always redeem at your discretion aer hitting the
    threshold and this will be sent to you in form of
    airtime within 24 hours of initiating the process.
  • Log into your account and click on the redeem
    points burton to initiate the process. Enter the
    number of points you want to redeem and submit.
    We will take it from this point
  • Remember 100 points= 1 USD.
  • The disbursements are sent via your dully
    registered phone number.

Why did I not get my points, despite
completing the survey?

  • It can sometimes take up to several days for earned
    points to show in your account. This is because
    points are awarded aer a study has been oicially
    closed. Please bear with us as we undergo the
    process of awarding.
  • Feel free to send us an email or chat with us, if you
    still haven’t received any earned points aer 7 days.

Are there any other ways to earn points?

  • Apart from the surveys that you are invited to, you can
    also take part in the surveys posted on our website.

3. Profile/account Management

How do I reset my password?

  • Go to the login page
  • Click “forgot my password” underneath the login
  • Now type in the email address you used for
    registering with the survey portal
  • We will immediately send you an email containing a
    link for resetting your password
  • Check your inbox
  • Click the link in the email
  • Set a new password

How do I update my profile?

  • You can update your profile by logging into your
    account using your email address and password. Go to
    “My profile” to change your details.

How do I change my email address?

  • For security reasons, you are not able to change your
    own email address. Please send us a short message
    containing your old and your new email address.

How can I delete my profile?

  • You can do so directly in your profile area. You will
    need to log in and click “Delete account”. We will then
    receive the request and approve the account deletion
    within 24 hours.

4. Survey Participation

How will I be invited to participate in your

  • To take part in our online-surveys and be awarded,
    kindly register on our website.
  • We will invite you to participate in our surveys from
    time to time depending on the respondent
    qualification criteria.
  • Remember survey participation is at your own will
    and we will be hoping to get your opinions on as
    many surveys as you qualify for while at the same
    time keeping in mind the standard number of
    invites, we can share with you.
  • Our invites will mostly be done via the email you
    sign up with. At times we will invite you to
    participate in our surveys via SMS or a call.

Survey participation periods?

  • Survey have a time frame to which new would like
    to gather your responses. As a result, surveys will
    only be open during this period aer which they are
  • We sometimes will send you reminders to inform
    you about the time remaining for your

What types of surveys will I be participating in?

  • Survey have a time frame to which new would like
    to gather your responses. As a result, surveys will
    only be open during this period aer which they are
  • We sometimes will send you reminders to inform
    you about the time remaining for your

How ofen will I be invited to online-surveys?

  • As mentioned earlier, we will only invite you for
    surveys you qualify for when they are available,
    therefore we cannot tell how many invitations you
    will receive.
  • The number of invitations depends greatly on the
    country that you live in – surveys are conducted
    more frequently in some countries than in others.
  • Participants are also selected randomly, or there
    may be a pre-selection depending on age, gender,
    level of education, profession, place of residence,
    etc. This depends on the target group requirements
    set by our clients.
  • Updating your profile frequently will allow us to
    have a better segmentation of our database thus
    we can easily select you for surveys you will qualify.

How do I make sure that your invites do not
end up in my spam box?

  • If our survey invitations end up in your spam folder,
    you can adjust your mail settings by adding our mail
    address to your address book.

What happens with my data and my
responses to the surveys I participate in?

  • The details you provided when registering and
    when updating your profile are used for the sole
    purpose of selecting participants for surveys.
  • Responses from surveys cannot be traced back to
    you as an individual. All data is pooled for analysis.

How come I am getting none or very few
invitations to surveys?

  • Surveys require specific criteria of members, over
    and above country of residence. Therefore, if you
    meet this criterion be sure we will invite you.
  • If you don’t rest assured there will be other surveys
    in the near future in which you can still participate.
  • We recommend that you fully complete your profile
    and to always keep your details up to date. This will
    allow us to ensure that you are invited to surveys
    more selectively.

Why is the invitation link to the survey not

  • Deactivate your pop-up blocker
  • Use Chrome or Firefox as a browser
  • Avoid double-clicking the link
  • In case of doubt, copy the link to your browser
    before clicking the “take part” link
  • Always use the intended device
  • Please note that every link can be clicked only once.
    As soon as you have clicked a link, the survey is
    considered to be started and it cannot be
    opened/re-started after the browser window is

Why am I told that I do not qualify for the

  • Specific questions are used to determine whether a
    participant matches the target group.
  • The survey is terminated early on, if you don’t
    match the target group

Why am I being told that the required number
of participants has already been reached,
shortly after starting the survey?

  • Once the number of responses we intended to get is
    attained, we always close the survey thus trying to
    access the survey will prompt this message.

How can I re-start the survey or continue it
after an interruption?

  • Each survey link can be clicked only once. For this
    reason it is, unfortunately, not possible to take a
    break during the survey or to re-start it aer closing
    the browser window.
  • In the case of prolonged inactivity, there may be
    short interruptions of the internet connection
    leading to the survey being aborted.
  • For security reasons and due to international
    market research guidelines, a survey cannot be
    continued and the results cannot be included in the

I have a different question

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